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We are located only 11 miles from a major theme park off United States Highway 192. We believe that food is one of the top five wonders of life and food should be prepared with love and have a great taste at all time. Here at Paradise Cove Grill and Seafood our mission is to provide all of our customers with great food and great service at all times. We aim to give you our customers amazing dishes at a low price and we encourage all of our customers to give us reviews/comments on all our social media platforms. Please check out our picture gallery on the right for some of our amazing food choices.

Paradise Cove Grill & Seafood is the first of its kind to the four corners area and we  hope to grow with our customers to be a very succesful entity within our sorounding neighberhood. This company was started by Chef Courtney A, who as been in the industry for Twenty Seven years and counting. We offer delivery through differnt platforms like door dash, and we also offer pick up and dine in services. We welcome small and large parties by reservations. Our restaurant offers 700 square of dinning space with a friendly atmosphare. Paradise Cove Grill & Seafood also offer catering services for weddings, graduation parties, Sunday brunch parties and many more. The idea for this company derived from a long career in the culinary arts proffession which as been a blessing for the last Twenty Seven years. What makes us different from the other restaurants in the area is our unique choice of spices and our recipes. We welcome all our visitors to the Orlando area and we hope you will get a fulfillment from trying any of our food choices

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